A is for Alphabet Learning

The word alphabet comes from the first two letters of the Greek alphabet, alpha and beta.  The letter alpha itself can signify a beginning. It’s only fitting that the alphabet began our homeschooling journey, while on a journey of another kind.

Alphabet Learning

Alphabet Learning Magnets

It was late August of 2008 and we were contemplating evacuating for Hurricane Gustav. Knowing how long previous evacuations had kept me in the car, I wanted to prepare for a long car ride with my son and daughter who were then almost two and one. I packed some small toys, their blankets and a sleeping lovey each. For my son, I also packed an ABC book and some flashcards. He knew a couple of letters already I think one of them was “I.”

After some indecision and practically a cross-country drive,  we wound up in Florida, of all places. By the time we settled down with the children in a hotel room, my son had somehow learned all the letters of the alphabet. He spent the rest of our “vacation” spreading flashcards about various hotel rooms. He loved letters so much that I decided to decorate his birthday cake with the alphabet when we returned home.

Alphabet Learning Beads

My son still loves the alphabet. He makes them out of anything he can find: crayons, Mardi Gras beads, even socks. When he started writing his letters on his own, I knew it was out of his love for the alphabet.  He has since taken on other subjects with the same fervor and enthusiasm. But it was the alphabet that started it all.